Leader of Large Size Projective Capacitance Touch Technology

Our super-large capacitive touch technology has continuously penetrated into all aspects of the enterprise touch market. From digital new media, game entertainment, future education, smart city, smart home and a wide range of applications, it has become one of the key technologies for traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet.

Capacitive touch foil

Key Features

Light weight, suitable to be laminated to glass /acrylic;Transparent, no frame;Accurate positioning;No mechanical or pressure-sensitive elements, durable and stable;Not sensitive to outer light, the change of light would not affect.
Multi-touch points (up to 50 touch points);Simple & quick to install;Gass up to 12mm thick;High resolution controller


FPS 140 frame/second, fast response.


 Customise any size range from 10''-240''.


Can be laminated on glass up to 12 mm thick.