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           As a representative of emerging human-computer interaction technology, nano-touch technology has a history of more than ten years from its development to multi-industry landing application, and it is becoming more mature and large-scale. Using the excellent characteristics of nano-touch film, such as waterproof, riot-proof, acid-alkali-proof, holographic transparency, large size, flexibility and flexibility, not afraid of light interference, and being able to touch on glass, the integrated touch-control products and solutions with nano-touch film as the core components can perform well in high performance, environmental tolerance, unique appearance and other aspects, which can accelerate all walks of life. Deep integration with information technology has played a crucial step, and has become one of the key indicators for traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet of Things.



          Touch-in-one game console has stable and reliable performance, high-speed response, high-frequency processing chip, multi-touch technology, facing the harsh external striking environment, it puts forward high standards and strict requirements for the safety and stability of human-computer interaction convenience equipment. Compared with traditional touch technology, the principle of nano-touch screen is to place the nano-touch film under the surface toughened glass, so it can realize human-computer interaction without direct contact with the external environment. There are no exposed parts, no mechanical keys, and its service life can reach 10 years. Pure design, beautiful and generous, surface watermarks, dust do not affect the touch, more than 4 mm toughened glass impact resistance, high safety factor. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, fighting and other touch-control products, and is suitable for use in complex external environment. It is one of the indispensable core components of future game, entertainment and intelligent terminal integration.



►Touch Explorer has been committed to human-computer interaction technology research, production and sales, is the leader of touch technology, in technology is far ahead, all-plane borderless design, support multi-touch, large screen;

►Fingers or gloves can be touched without reacting to non-conductive substances. They have powerful functions. They are suitable for the unique noise reduction technology of win7/win8/Linux/Mac OS X system. The distance between the touch film and the display is only 2 mm, which reduces the visual error.