Smart New Retail

           Intelligent new retail, using Internet and Internet of Things technology, perceives consumption habits, predicts consumption trends, guides production and manufacturing, and provides consumers with diversified and personalized products and services. On the basis of the transformation of physical retail and traditional e-commerce, he realized the integration of online and offline. Create intelligent new retail format cluster, around users, carrying intelligent terminal convenience equipment, human-computer interaction, speech recognition, face recognition, gravity induction, artificial intelligence robots, etc., the whole process is unmanned, users touch operation, issue instructions, complete the purchase process, for this kind of human-computer interaction intelligent terminal equipment put forward high standards, strict requirements, and traditional. Compared with touch technology, nano-touch screen is better. Its principle is to place the nano-touch film of perceptible touch under the surface toughened glass, so that human-computer interaction can be realized without direct contact with the external environment. There are no exposed parts, no mechanical keys, and the service life can reach 10 years. Pure design, beautiful and generous, surface watermarks, dust do not affect the touch, more than 4 mm of tempered glass, high safety factor. With waterproof, dust-proof, not afraid of outdoor light interference and other touch products do not have the characteristics, suitable for outdoor complex environment, is the future of intelligent city construction, intelligent terminal integration indispensable core part.





         Nowadays, in the era of mobile internet, mobile payment is applied more and more widely, such as unmanned supermarket, unmanned pharmacy, unmanned rice vending machine and so on. Traditional coin-operated vending machine can not adapt to the current trend of mobile payment, so more and more vending machines are convenient to replace products, remote monitoring and with touch screen. These devices are generally placed in a semi-outdoor state with a large flow of people. So the requirements of waterproof, light-proof and dust-proof are very high. The capacitive film of XT series which can penetrate thicker glass satisfies this requirement very well.






Realize 7 x 24 hours without closing, record the interactive information of potential customers, display better advertising information for businesses, and bring consumers a better sense of experience and convenience.


In the future, with the further development of smart city construction and smart new retail, we will see more scenarios in which smart terminal products with nano-touch technology come into life, making our life more intelligent and convenient.