Touch ic-5803 series


The launch voltage is up to 18V, 10 point touch, fps137, and the first point reporting delay is 25ms; Excellent linearity, support capacitor direct bonding and zero bonding solution.

Touch Explorer small capacitive touch ic-5803 series

Touch Explorer small size touch ic-5803 series: Launch voltage up to 18V, 10 point touch, fps137, first point reporting delay of 25ms; Excellent linearity, support full and zero bonding of nano silver, ITO, metalmesh and printed metal grid, and the underlying protocol can be opened.









Touch sensing AFE features

Maximum 64 configurable Tx/Rx sensing channels.
Build-in RX sensing block for Mutual Capacitive Sensing.
Build-in 10 bits ADCx4 and 8 bits DACx4.
Build-in 4K byte SRAM x 2.
Sampling rate > 100Hz (up to 400Hz base on recipe setting).
Buffer: 64-bytes for ADC (raw data) and 64-bytes for DAC data.
SPI Interface (50MHz), built-in power-on-reset 1.8 V.


Touch sensing AFE Triple power supply

DD3/GND for Logic & I/O power (3V~3.6V).
AVDD/AGND for analog circuit power (3V~3.6V) VDDH/VSSH for up to 18V TX scanning pulse generation.


Package Outline (LQFP-128L, 14mm*14mm*1.4mm, pitch 0.4mm)



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