Capacitive control board ETB-P222-R03 series

Chip capacitive control solutions

ETB-P222-R03 touch control board is a high-voltage chip control solution adopted by touch Explorer with independent core algorithm, which has been further improved in response speed, accuracy and signal-to-noise ratio. The continuous response delay is 6.7ms, the accuracy and linearity are within 2mm, good linearity, continuous line drawing and continuous point drawing, and the feeling of experience is better.

 large capacitance touch board card ETB-P222-R03 series

Capacitive control board ETB-P222-R01 Series: ETB-P222-R01 control solution(TX80 RX142):The core algorithm high-voltage chip control solution independently developed by touch Explorer includes two transmitting chips tp2801 and two receiving chips tp1802, with a transmission voltage of up to 36V. The high-voltage chip has higher signal-to-noise ratio and faster response speed. Fps150 has a continuous response delay of 6.7ms, a first point response delay of 20ms, an accuracy of less than 2mm, good linearity, continuous line drawing by multiple people, 222 channels, supports full and zero bonding of nano silver, ITO, metalmesh and printing metal grids, and the underlying protocol is fully open.





ETB-P222-R03 series capacitive control board effect video:









Features of capacitive control board ETB-P222-R03:




 Self developed core algorithm high voltage chip.
 The continuous response delay is 6.7ms, and the first point reporting delay is 20ms.
 Multi person continuous writing without Caton and broken line, consistent line drawing signals at the edge and middle, and touch without dead corner.
 Support the direct bonding of nano silver \ ITO \ metalmesh \ printed metal grid.
 The underlying protocols are fully open. It can provide dual USB interface and API interface services.











USB2. 0. UART serial communication needs to be customized

Power Dissipation

0 .59W(Typical value)

Power supply mode

USB power supply(5V +/-5% DC)



Delay of First Point



TX : 80(MAX) RX : 142(MAX)

Recommended size

40"~ 98"

Applicable temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ ~ 80℃

Touch points

40 points(MAX value)

Vendor ID


Product ID 


Glass thickness

Within 2mm (recommended value)

Minimum identifier

Passive capacitance pen 6mm


Customized size, USB communication, dual USB interface and API interface service can be provided

Support product line

Metal grid, nano silver, ITO, metalmesh

Touch deviation