Smart home includes smart tea table, multi-point interactive smart table, smart cabinet and so on.


      In our traditional sense, most of the entertainment carriers in the living room are intelligent TV. In fact, the coffee table and dining table can also be intelligent, incarnating the family entertainment center as part of the family interconnection oh, multi-point interactive intelligent dining table lets the desktop change into touch screen, the surface is covered with "touch screen". Family members can use their hands and pens on the whole table surface to touch the screen for interactive operation, to achieve human-computer interaction, with it, the whole family can sit at the table. Play games, play chess, play fishing, fight landlords, and even take notes, draw pictures, watch pictures, videos on the table. Smart home makes our life more exciting and interesting.



      As we all know, the original function of restaurants is to meet people's dietary needs, but with the rapid development of economy, the strengthening of service awareness and the needs of society, catering undertakes more and more leisure, business and social functions, especially in high-end hotels, Chinese and Western restaurants, tea houses. In this environment, customers have the following needs besides basic diet:




⇒Demand for online consultation;
⇒There is a need for TV to get information;
⇒Be able to fully understand the service products of our restaurant, preferably in the form of multimedia;
⇒Can communicate with service in real time, such as ordering, calling service, etc.
⇒Gathering and entertainment are bridges that need to be communicated, preferably in the form of interaction.



        "Multi-point Interactive Intelligent Table" meets the above needs. These tables look like giant IPADs, where diners can change the atmosphere of their tables while enjoying gourmet drinks, browse local information, play games, and even book taxis. When you wait for your food to arrive, you can also choose different games to pass the time of boredom; when you need to shop, put in the shopping cart and make an appointment in advance; when you finish your meal, you can plan your next place on the map; if you don't know who to check out, you can also decide by the game on the dining table. Is it incredible to arrange your life in an orderly way!



Multi-point interactive intelligent dining table features:

1、It has powerful functions and is suitable for win7/win8/Linux/Mac OS X systems. It also supports many basic functions such as TV, computer, order and so on. It has high added value. Through the integration of business functions, it brings users a new experience, meets the various needs of consumers for gathering, leisure and entertainment in restaurants, improves the meticulous management means of catering industry and caters to the needs of users. Development ideas;

2、It is a trend to support multi-touch in an all-round way, and it is also a leading technology.

3、Unique noise reduction technology, so that the distance between the touch film and the display is only 2 mm, reducing visual errors; fingers or gloved fingers can achieve touch, do not react to non-conductive substances, can put cups, utensils and so on, very suitable for the needs of restaurants. Touch table surface is tempered glass, full plane, waterproof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof, easy to clean, will not be damaged by high-heat tableware, solve the traditional touch screen by the use of environmental impact and shorten the life of the problem;
4、Easy to install, flexible and diverse, fashionable design, replacement of old-fashioned dining tables, to upgrade the level of high-tech supporting products, is a competitive catering industry, rare magic weapon.