Intelligent tea table


In our traditional sense, most of the entertainment carriers in the living room are intelligent TV. In fact, the coffee table can also be intelligent, incarnating the family entertainment center as part of the family interconnection , intelligent coffee table makes the living room desktop into a large-scale touch screen surface covered with "touch screen", family members can use their hands and pens on the entire coffee table surface to touch the screen for interactive operation, to achieve human-computer interaction, with it, the whole family can sit on the side of the coffee table and play games. Playing chess, fishing, fighting landlords, and even taking notes, drawing pictures, watching pictures, videos on the tea table. Smart home makes our life more exciting and interesting.







Characteristics of Intelligent Tea Table Products:


The surface of intelligent tea table is tempered glass, full plane, waterproof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and easy to clean, which solves the problem that the traditional touch screen is affected by the use environment and shortens its life.

►Touch  Explorer  has been committed to human-computer interaction technology research, production and sales, is the leader of touch technology, in technology is far ahead, all-plane borderless design, support multi-touch, large screen;

►Fingers or gloves can be touched without reacting to non-conductive substances, water cups, liquid containers and so on. They have powerful functions. They are suitable for the unique noise reduction technology of win7/win8/Linux/Mac OS X system, so that the distance between the touch film and the display is only 2 mm, which reduces the visual error.