Vending machine

           With the continuous deepening of the construction of smart city and the continuous development of smart new retail, vending machines can be seen everywhere, which brings consumers a better sense of experience and convenience. It integrates nano-touch technology. The principle of nano-touch is to place the nano-touch film under the surface toughened glass, so it can realize human-computer interaction without direct contact with the external environment. There are no exposed parts, no mechanical keys, and its service life can reach 10 years. Pure design, beautiful and generous, surface watermarks, dust do not affect the touch, more than 4 mm of tempered glass explosion-proof, high safety factor. With waterproof, dust-proof, not afraid of outdoor light interference and other touch products do not have the characteristics, suitable for outdoor complex environment, is the future of intelligent city construction, intelligent terminal integration indispensable core part.





Realize 7 x 24 hours without closing, record the interactive information of potential customers, and provide better display advertising information for businesses.