Budweiser Touch Tea Machine

           As a representative of emerging human-computer interaction technology, nano-touch technology has a history of more than ten years from its development to multi-industry landing application, and it is becoming more mature and large-scale. Using the excellent characteristics of nano-touch film, such as waterproof, riot-proof, acid-alkali-proof, holographic transparency, large size, flexibility and flexibility, not afraid of light interference, and being able to touch on glass, the integrated touch-control products and solutions with nano-touch film as the core components can perform well in high performance, environmental tolerance, unique appearance and other aspects, which can accelerate all walks of life. Deep integration with information technology has played a crucial step, and has become one of the key indicators for traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet of Things.



         Budweiser smart touch tea table was produced under such circumstances, it has broken away from the traditional tea table of the oneness, the entertainment, human-computer interaction in harmony for an organic whole, has realized the function diversity, large size touch screen, the whole plane, waterproof and dustproof anti-corrosion, easy to clean, covered more than the "touch" at the same time in the whole tea table surface, pen touch screen to interact with the hand, realize human-machine interaction, multi-touch features, can be operated more members, play games, watch video, picture, drawing and so on, because of its good waterproof, explosion-proof features, surface can heat water cup, beverages, beer, increased the business, Meeting and making friends is more interesting and convenient.



     ►Touch Explorer  has been committed to the research, production and sales of human-computer interaction technology. It is the leader in touch control technology and far ahead in technology. Powerful, suitable for win7/win8/ Linux /Mac OS X and other systems unique noise reduction technology, so that the distance between the touch film and the display is only 2 mm, reduce the visual error.