Smart Game Hall

            Touch-in-one game console has stable and reliable performance, high-speed response, high-frequency processing chip, multi-touch technology, facing the harsh external striking environment, it puts forward high standards and strict requirements for the safety and stability of human-computer interaction convenience equipment. Compared with traditional touch technology, the principle of nano-touch screen is to place the nano-touch film under the surface toughened glass, so it can realize human-computer interaction without direct contact with the external environment. There are no exposed parts, no mechanical keys, and its service life can reach 10 years. Pure design, beautiful and generous, surface watermarks, dust do not affect the touch, more than 4 mm toughened glass impact resistance, high safety factor. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dust-proof, anti-knock and other touch products, and is suitable for use in various complex environments.



          Touch Explorer Touch Film XTA Series is suitable for Touch Module, Digital Signboard, Outdoor Advertising Machine, Game Entertainment, Wisdom New Retail and other application scenarios. These application scenarios generally require stability and easy maintenance, XTA is the best choice. Among them, game and entertainment scenes generally require more points and better waterproofing. XTA can be upgraded to 40 points, and large areas of water can also be touched.