New Retail, New Future


On August 21 - 23, 2019, the 3rd China Unmanned Retail Conference and Exhibition Series was grandly opened in Pavilion 3 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The 35,000 square meters exhibition area of this exhibition attracted more than 500 brand centralized exhibitions. Nearly 100 industry elites were invited to participate in sharing the development trend of unmanned retail. More than 50,000 professional audiences came to negotiate to realize the annual feast of building new retail trends.






In the future, consumption upgrading and new technological revolution are restructuring China's retail industry. The integration of new technological means and traditional business forms has opened up a unique new pattern of Chinese retail industry. Of course, the reform of retail industry will not only bring about the restructuring of the industry, but also bring about the whole economic system and industrial structure. Influence. New retail is driven by technological data, which integrates the power of enterprise, market, consumer and innovation, and brings about the improvement of circulation and operation efficiency of the whole society. Demand segmentation creates channel sinking and retail scenario consumption; AI intelligent enabling technology innovation; data analysis accelerates retail trend to accuracy; infrastructure construction and operation management mode innovation promotes deep integration of industry chain and supply chain; category innovation, intelligence and specialization.





Unmanned Retail - Vending Machine



Unmanned retailing has attracted considerable attention in the field of retail business. Capital influx, technological innovation and other factors have made "nobody" a hot topic, experiencing the baptism of market consumption, nobody retail also ushered in its own rational precipitation period. The whole industry began to transform from rough competition to intensive farming competition. The current new retail industry ended the era of channel-oriented, functional demand, product-oriented, price war and experience judgment, and opened the era of user-centered, flow-oriented, experience-oriented demand, value war and data operation. A new era! New retail formats are constantly being promoted, channel differentiation and shuffling are intensified, and channel integration is gradually advancing in depth.








The rapid development of Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other basic technologies has laid a good foundation for the integration of retail industry. As the core driving force of the development of retail industry, science and technology is reflected in the ability of digital integration around the whole process of consumption and the ability to reconstruct the fragmented consumption experience of people, goods and yards, which determines the new height of the development of China's unmanned retail industry.







"Data Asset Enables New Retail", "AI Intelligent Technology, Scene Video Marketing Enables No Economy". As the core of human-computer interaction, Jiangsu TouchExplorer  Photoelectric Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development, production and sales of human-computer interaction control solution. In algorithm processing, production and PCB development, we have core technology and applied for more than 40 patents (including international PCT). Patents cover core processes, core algorithms, key equipment and other fields. Because of its waterproof, dust-proof, light-proof interference, full screen integration, strong stability, touch through 12mm glass and other characteristics, the products are favored and recognized by retail market users.





Touch Solution Provider




New retail is leading a new business model in the future, and the commercial power of new retail is also exploding in an all-round way! Major brands have come on the scene, Suning has created a new smart retail, constantly eliminating the online and offline borders; Ali's new retail, will be people, goods, all business elements in the market to restructure; Beijing East's unbounded retail, on the basis of "know people, know goods, know the market", restructure the new retail experience of Gome 6 + 1 model; Style, creating a large integration of online and offline. They are constantly remodeling experience, brand and marketing, rebuilding supply chain, upgrading traditional retail transformation, so that new retail closer to consumers, to meet consumers'perfect demand experience.








New retail, new future, a revolution about people, scenes, data and efficiency, based on technology and big data, the ecological circle of all channels, links, scenarios and experiences, reshapes business models, conforms to the changes of the times, takes cooperation and symbiosis as the theme, and builds new retail trends.