Preschool education

              Intelligent nano-touch blackboard is a revolutionary intelligent interactive teaching equipment. It integrates many functions such as nano touch, liquid crystal display, computer host, blackboard, TV computer and so on. Functionally, it covers touch interaction, multimedia teaching and chalk writing. It respects the usage habits of teachers and students and seamlessly connects the traditional teaching blackboard with the perceptible interactive blackboard. It can not only write with chalk, but also has multimedia teaching function. Its operation mode is simple and easy to install. The surface is made of glare-proof nano-toughened glass, which can effectively filter 80% harmful light. It has the characteristics of dust-proof, water-proof, storm-proof and visual protection. It meets the needs of low dust, high safety protection and high frequency operation in teaching environment, and realizes the breakthrough and innovation of intelligent interactive teaching equipment. At the same time, there are built-in professional teaching software, application platform and management platform. Teachers can use teaching tools flexibly, share and transfer high-quality teaching resources, and upgrade remote management and maintenance. It has been widely used in the field of education and teaching, and is suitable for all school age groups.




Na-no Smart blackboard




            "Intelligent nano-touch blackboard" can switch from blackboard to touch screen by one key, and can present the teaching content in an interactive way through software platform (such as PPT, video, pictures, animation, etc.). The rich interactive templates can turn the boring teaching materials into interactive courses with good interaction and strong visual impact, and interact through the surface of touch blackboard, which is simple and humanized. Interactive operation organically connects people with interactive teaching content, so as to create more classroom interaction between teachers and students. Rich human-computer interaction combined with audio-visual senses, so that the teaching and learning process is no longer boring. More interaction between teachers and students helps students to deepen their memory and learning of knowledge.