Application of touch explorer flexible surface P-CAP touch solution!



With the rapid development of video game entertainment industry, a variety of game devices come into the market. One of the most representative is the game machine with curved touch screen.










With better surround stereo display effect, more comfortable view and more natural picture, Curved screen is also more in line with human engineering and consumer habits, the application will be more and more extensive. Curved display has high requirements on touch control, and its surface shape determines that flexible touch sensor must be used. At the same time, using thick glass requires high on signal-to-noise ratio. Water resistance, touch with gloves, and curved surface calibration are also all the essential condition.








Touch Explorer has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of middle-large size projected capacitive touch foil and capacitive controller solutions. In Jiangyin city, it occupies a 12,000 square meters manufacturing base of large-size sensor network, with an design annual production capacity of 2 million sets in phase I. Owns a touch solution research institute, intelligent sensor network manufacturing equipment research institute and engineering technology center. Subordinate 1000-level dust-free workshop, engineering test center, innovation design center and 30KV ESD laboratory. Has the core technology in algorithm processing, production, manufacturing and PCB development. Strong technology R&D team, independent intellectual property core algorithm, intelligent production equipment, automatic laser welding, imported raw materials, rich product line, scale production, to meet the unique customized needs.





Touch explorer curved surface capacitive touch screen - customer test site






Characteristics of touchexplorer flexible P-CAP touch foil:


Characteristics of Touch explorer  flexible P-CAP touch foil:


1、Flat without frame

2、Anti-water, anti-dust, anti-glare

3、Touch even with glove

4、SNR is strong enough to penetrate the medium of 15mm 

5、100% effective touch area, automatic repair of broken wires

6、High accuracy, support max 600 channels

7、Ultra-narrow border (Min 6mm)

8、High precision printing process, laser welding, stable and reliable performance

9、Fast response speed, Max FPS 200






Touch explorer flexible capacitive touch foil




Touch explorer flexible capacitive touch foil- sensor




Nowadays, curved screen has been widely used in mobile phone, tablet PC, commercial display, game machine and other fields. with the innovation and development of technology in the future, it will be applied to more scenes. We believe that good experience, convenience, cost performance could get more attention from consumers. Improved technology and positive market feedback will promote its continuous development.