[Heavy pound] Real "zero-bound full-screen" ultra-narrow capacitive touch foil is available!




Touch explorer  narrow bezel capacitive touch foil



To accommodate hundreds of "parts" in a very limited space, to meet the user's complex, rigorous, continuous use needs, performance, screen size, weight, thickness, price level... In itself, it is a process of choosing and challenging, but in the end, the challenge can be realized by tackling key technical problems.



Touch Explore  Ultra Narrow Side Capacitance Touch Foil Comes Out!



On August 15, 2019, Touch Explorer Optoelectronics took the lead in introducing ultra-narrow frame capacitive touch foil on the basis of XT series. The proportion of capacitive film screen with single outlet line was up to 97%. The appearance of "Zero Boundary Full Screen" met the special needs of high-end conference and commercial display suite in the current market. It supported windows, Linux, Andriod and M. AC operating system.



 narrow bezel capacitive touch foil



With the application of capacitive touch technology more and more widely, especially for high-end applications such as preschool education, conference, etc., the display technology pursues screen proportion and full screen, so that capacitive touch foil with ultra-narrow border becomes more and more important. However, the capacitive touch foil with ultra-narrow frame needs to overcome the following difficulties:


One-sided routing

One-sided routing; Multilateral routing can narrow the border, but it actually leaves the problem to the user. User structure design and assembly are extremely troublesome.


Printing accuracy

Ultra-narrow capacitive touch foil border channel spacing is less than 30um, which has a very high requirement for the smoothness and accuracy of the printing table. It is easy to cause channel short circuit or scratch, seriously affecting the efficiency and yield.


Disturbance and Corner Problems

When the border becomes narrower, the distance between channels becomes shorter, the interference will become larger and the corner data will overflow, resulting in weak jump points and corner signals, and touch failure.





To solve this problem, Touch Explorer Photoelectronics researchers overcome all kinds of difficulties and solve the problem of printing accuracy. They control the accuracy of the equipment within one wire, successfully compress the 55 inch capacitive touch foil on one side outlet, the left and right sides to 7.5mm, the lower frame to 11 mm, and the 86 inch capacitive touch foil on the left and right sides to compress to 11 mm. Within 8.5mm, the lower frame is compressed to less than 13.5mm. At the same time, the problem of interference and corner data overflow caused by extremely  narrow bezel is successfully solved by optimization of XT series capacitance schemes, which are exclusive to Touch Space Photoelectric.



 narrow bezel capacitive touch foil




Ultra-narrow edge touching area size is the same as the standard size. Users can design ultra-narrow edge products to make the appearance of products more advanced and fashionable.


Touch explorer  narrow bezel capacitive touch foil