New products on the market



新 品 发 布

New  Product   Release






   Since Touch explorer the release of the unique capacitive control solution XT series products, from XTM to XTA to XTB, both in terms of performance, stability and ease of use, have been deeply loved by customers.





      Today, the highly anticipated "XTC Series" is officially launched. It is not only reflected in large size, but also in super-high channel number, super-fast response speed, writing accuracy, signal-to-noise ratio and other aspects. At the same time, high precision can also be applied to differential application scenarios such as object recognition. Next, the protocol realizes the docking with marker, which is the first one in China. So what are the characteristics of such a super-high precision capacitor film with "thousands of favorites in one"?



Large size: suitable for 75 or more sizes, intelligent blackboard, conference machine, etc. It can be customized according to customers'requirements.









High accuracy: XTC series channel number 376, on the basis of XTB increased by 70%, higher accuracy, faster response, better painting, handwriting experience.








Object Recognition: XTC can be used not only in large size, but also in the field of 43-65 inch object recognition.


Applications: Exhibition, Science and Technology Museum, Planning Museum, Museum, Enterprise Exhibition Hall, Luxury Industry, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Education Interactive Screen, Children's Intelligence and other fields.


Object Recognition Foil: Since Microsoft introduced the first generation of object recognition technology, it has been widely used in education, exhibition, new retail and other fields. However, the traditional camera object recognition technology mainly relies on the camera placed under or above the table to detect and identify objects, which requires the thickness of the desktop and environmental light, and has low recognition accuracy and high cost, which seriously affects its scale application and promotion. Touch Electronics and its software partners cooperated to develop new capacitive object recognition solutions. Through ultra-high precision capacitive touch film (pitch value is less than 5 mm), ultra-multi-point capacitance control scheme (point number is more than 40), cooperating with partners'physical label token, bottom recognition program and upper software, we can achieve ultra-high precision object recognition experience, while ultra-thin. Full-plane, free from ambient light interference, the cost of camera object recognition technology is also greatly reduced, making large-scale applications possible.








The technology of FPGA: It adopts the technology of FPGA and parallel arithmetic, which effectively solves the disadvantage that too many channels of capacitive screen will lead to a dramatic reduction in speed, faster response speed and higher precision. (For small objects, more fine strokes can be sensed and recognized, painting, experience better).







FPGA Technology

Field Programmable Gate Array is a large-scale programmable digital integrated circuit device. FPGA provides faster response time and more specialized functions. With standardized structure, small size, high integration, low power consumption, infinite repetitive programming, superior computing ability, fast speed, (operation mode is not sequential execution, more computing tasks are completed in each processing cycle), multi-task operation, and more economical.