Successful Signing of Ultra-High Precision Capacitance Touch Film

          Recently, the ultra-high precision capacitive touch film supporting object recognition in touch electronics production has been successfully signed and delivered to customers.


          Ultra-high precision capacitive touch film for object recognition has a wide market demand. In order to achieve better object recognition effect, it needs ultra-high precision capacitive touch sensor, high sensitivity and recognizable mark, and corresponding software support. However, the sale price of foreign products is often more than 100,000 yuan, which makes customers hesitate. Because domestic capacitor manufacturers need to achieve up to 400 channels layout in small size, it is even more difficult, which hinders the application and promotion of products. And touch planet electronics, a kind of ultra-high precision capacitive touch film for object recognition, is a good solution to this problem.





Touch planet  Electronics Knows Market Demandand, actively invest in human research and development. On the one hand, it solves many difficult problems such as printing and binding of ultra-high precision capacitive touch screen, on the other hand, it solves the problems of mark and software docking with customers, so that mass production of object recognition touch screen becomes reality.