With a total investment of 500 million yuan, Touch Planet formally signed the Jiangyin Development Zone



           On October 25, 2018, Touch Planet  Electronics formally signed the Jiangyin Economic Development Zone.


          With the development and growth of enterprises, the current production capacity and equipment of Suzhou factories have been unable to meet the rapid development needs of touch electronics.After intensive research in several regions, on October 25, touch planet electronics officially signed a contract with jiangyin economic development zone, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan.


           From now on, the new planet will start the design and decoration plan immediately. It is expected to be put into trial production in March 2019 and put into production formally in June 2019. The new factory covers an area of 10800 square meters, including printing workshop, welding workshop, fitting workshop, aging workshop, etc. The dust-free grade is 10,000 grade dust-free, and the local area is 1,000 grade dust-free design. It also includes three R&D laboratories and other supporting facilities. After putting into production formally, it will meet the capacity requirement of 1 million sets of large-size capacitive touch film. The current problem of the capacity of touch electronics is solved. The Suzhou plant will continue to retain and ensure that delivery is not affected.




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