Capacitive touch foil XTB series

Projective capacitive touch film


Capacitive touch foil, also known as "Touch foil", It is composed of two transparent thin films, which are sandwiched with a grid matrix layer of metal-wires crisscrossed by X and Y axes. Each matrix element can sense the touch of human hands. The touch signal of the hand is transmitted to the microchip controller connected with the metal-wire. The microcontroller transmits the signal to the computer through the interface, and the computer recognizes the position of the touch on the screen.



Capacitive touch foil XTB series: XTB series channel number 222, generally used for 55-86 inches, suitable for early childhood education all-in-one machine, conference board, intelligent blackboard and other fields, these high-frequency use of the scene in addition to the extremely high requirements for stability, writing fluency, response speed, maintainability are valued. XTB series support broken line repair, remote upgrade, strong stability, good writing fluency, fast response, easy maintenance, report rate of 120, is the best choice for this application scenario.



Characteristics of Capacitive touch foil:

Capacitive touch foil, The principle of projected capacitive touch foil technology belongs to projected capacitive screen. It is composed of two transparent thin films, with a grid matrix layer of X and Y axes crisscrossed by metal wires.Each matrix forms an induction unit that can sense the touch of human hands.Capacitive touch foil is the only new method that can achieve curved surface, full transparency, waterproof, anti-pollution, anti-light interference, no frame and touch through glass.

Technical specification for XT series projected capacitive touch foil
Technical Principle Improved projected capacitive technology, nano-silver wire mesh matrix instead of ITO layer 
Touch points 12 20 30 40
Sizes 10.1''-32'' 42"~ 65" 55''-86'' 86''-200''
Deviation ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm
Sensor TX : 24(MAX)         RX : 48(MAX) TX : 56(MAX)                    RX : 96(MAX) TX80 RX142 TX136  RX240
FPS 130 120 120  
Power Consumption 1W 0.5W 1.15W  
Driver No need
Windows Win7/8/8.1/10
Andriod Kernel3.10 or higher
Linux  Kernel3.10 or higher
Interface USB2.0,UART
Power supply USB(5V+/-5%DC)
Customize Customizable
Waterproof YES
Calibration Software calibration
Packing list touch foil*1 ,  controller*1 ,  USB line*1  
Thickness ≤200um
Transmittance >93%
Voltage 5V
Transmission USB2.0
Transmit distance ≤50m  (Add USB signal amplifier, etc.)
Safe distance 2mm(Distance beteween LCD& foil)
Operating Temperature  -20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage temperature  -20℃ ~ 80℃
Ambient lightness Full-angle anti-glare illumination
Touch gesture Click、Drag、Zoom、Rotate
Sensing range ≤10mm